It’s pirates meets wizards in Blackpool for a round of spellbinding mini golf on the Promenade!


With spending most of their lives at sea, there are some land-based things that Captain Jack has always had difficulty explaining to his pirate crew. Politics, the music of Radiohead, tiny dogs, and golf.


But when our new neighbours on the Promenade, The Hole In Wand Wizard Golf, invited us to go and play a round of mini-golf, we thought it would be a great idea for Coral Island’s pirates to meet the wizards who conjured up this fantastic attraction in Blackpool!


The Hole In Wand brought its unique mini-golf experience from York over to Blackpool almost a year ago, just a short stroll up the Promenade from Coral Island, just past Blackpool Tower. This magical new attraction takes you through nine holes of mini golf, with varying difficulty, through forests of venomous snakes, ancient castles, a journey to a train station, and even to York’s mysterious Shambles!


We were greeted by The Famous Helena Cloggsbottom, a ‘charming and modest potion maker, the world’s most renowned of all time’, who assessed our magical prowess by our choice of wands - or golf clubs - and dragon eggs - or golf balls - as well as measuring our skills with a magic meter that bubbled away when we took turns to hold it!


Helena told us of the Wizard’s Quest we were about to take, and the journey through the forest to seek out the exciting and magical ingredients we needed to succeed, as well as taking a souvenir photograph of us all.


She also told us that the troublesome Trixie Pixies had left clues scattered throughout the quest, which if we could solve, we would be rewarded at the end of our adventure.


Armed with our coloured golf clubs, balls, scorecards, and a sense of theatre and adventure, we set forth!


We were faced with nine brilliantly inventive and tricky mini-golf holes to play, with ramps, uneven ground, obstacles, and amazing design, all adding to the sense of theatre, adventure, and magical mystery, as we were transported to various scenes and sets, with amazing little details, lighting, and a spooky soundtrack - a truly immersive experience for everyone!


The holes started relatively simple but increased in difficulty to challenge even the most avid mini-golf fanatic, while still being accessible for wizards of all ages! Some of the holes took careful planning, careful aim, and gentle taps to get the balls in position, while others needed a great thwack with the club to overcome the obstacles.


Can you get the ball up the ramp and into the fountain? Or over the wobbly carpet and into the fireplace? What about around the crates to make it onboard the Potions Express? Pop into The Potions Cauldron shop on Shambles and see if you can hit the ball hard enough to get it under and over the cauldron!


The final hole determines whether your magical powers are for good or for evil! Do have the powers of Serpent, Basilisk, Unicorn or Wizard? All players receive a free bottle of magic potion that corresponds to their powers to take home with them, worth £3.29


You neither need to be a golf expert nor a wizard fan to enjoy The Hole In Wand, but it would be a great adventure for those who love the stories of a particular wizard boy! Even our pirates laughed and had lots of fun, especially with a free bottle of grog at the end!


Our final stop was into the gift shop, where there are more bottles of sugar-free magic potions to buy, in a wide variety of flavours, from Cauldron Cola, Basilisk Blood (mixed fruits), Unicorn Essence (tropical fruits), Serpent’s Venom (lemonade), Tears Of A Wizard (cream soda), and more!


The grown-ups might want something a little stronger, and there are ‘poisonous’ potions available too, with Butterscotch Beer, Mysterirum rum, Whizardky whisky, Vodkamore vodka, and Wizard Cream Irish cream liqueur.


There are also gift packs, soft toys of dragons and Grobblenook the Gargoyle, who guards the shop, jars of sweets, with everything from unicorn poo lumps, chocolate frogs, cauldron cola bottles, and many more, as well as the chance to buy your own Magic Meter to amaze your friends and family with your newly acquired powers, and a souvenir photo of your quest.


The Hole In Wand is a great place to take friends and family on a day out in Blackpool, and ideal for escaping from the rain or the sun when it gets too hot! Tickets start at £6.99 for children and £8.29 for adults, meaning a family of four can enjoy a spellbinding round of wizard golf for just over £30, and that includes a free bottle of potion each at the end, and a fantastic fun adventure!


There are also duo, premium, and VIP tickets available, as well as discounts for group bookings, and booking ahead is certainly advised for busier days, such as during the school holidays and weekends. You can book your tickets for The Hole In Wand Blackpool here!


The first wizards to begin their quest each day might even get a free Magic Meter!


You don’t need to book but be warned that there could be a long queue on busy days for walk-ins. You can easily find The Hole In Wand, between North Pier and Blackpool Tower, directly opposite the Tourist Information Centre on the Promenade. For opening times, check The Hole In Wand Website for the latest information.


This June, The Hole In Wand Blackpool celebrates its first birthday, and there could be some surprises, more magic shows, giveaways, and more, so keep your eye on their Facebook and Instagram for all the latest news and events!


We had so much fun playing wizard golf, and pleased to know that wizards and pirates can be good friends too!


And Coral Island is a short stroll away, so the perfect place to visit for more fun and games with the family afterwards, as well as a bite to eat in our family-friendly restaurants where Kids Eat Free, all day every day! So why not visit Blackpool this summer and visit us both?

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