SEA LIFE Blackpool

Showcasing over 2,500 spectacular aquatic creatures across 50 dazzling displays, SEA LIFE Blackpool is sure to excite visitors of all ages. Experience the secrets of the deep sea and examine these spectacular species up close.

What can you see?

Journey from the coast and sandy shallows of the great British shoreline, to the equatorial rainforest of the Amazon and into the tropical depths of the ocean. With a spectacular floor to ceiling viewing window of the ocean tank SEA LIFE Blackpool really is the best place to get up close and personal with the creatures of our amazing rivers and oceans.

Meet amazing aquatic creatures including tropical sharks, clownfish, stingrays, seahorses, jellyfish and eels, not to mention our famous green sea turtle Phoenix and inquisitive octopus.

Feeding time

For many visitors, the highlight of their visit is seeing these wonderful creatures at feeding time. Watching on as they interact with the keepers is an enthralling sight, so be sure to ask a member of the team for feeding times or more information on any of the 2,500 creatures.

A Truely Unique Sleep Over

Experience a night of oceanic slumber with sharks and tropical fish at our sea bed sleep over. Get your friends and sleeping bags together and enjoy the most incredible night, here under the ocean!’

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