Posted on: Tuesday 31st October 2023

Spin, Ride, Drive And Smash With The Latest Games At Coral Island!


Everyone knows that if you’re looking for a family day out, then Blackpool is the place to be, with its world-famous attractions such as the iconic Blackpool Tower, the Pleasure Beach, Madame Tussauds, the fantastic zoo, Stanley Park, and, in summer, the miles of golden sandy beaches.


Coral Island is also a destination on the Promenade that families have been flocking to for almost 40 years. The arcade is packed full of family-friendly traditional seaside amusements, such as the penny pushers, the crane grabbers, the Camel Derby, and classic Coney Island games such as Down The Clown, and so much more!


But we always want to bring new games into the arcade, and some of the latest interactive, ride-on, high-tech video games too, and we thought we’d have a look at some of the best new games to land in Coral Island this year, where you can ride hippos, spin and win, drive like Vin Diesel, and become a demolitions expert.


Monopoly Roll-N-Go


Monopoly must be one of the most iconic board games ever created and it has spawned many variations from the original versions featuring London-based properties, and now includes versions based on towns and cities all across the world, even Blackpool!


It’s a game that has been translated into video games many times over the years, but none of them have been as fun as Monopoly Roll-N-Go!


You can’t miss the giant game in the arcade, with its towering curved screens, the life-size Mr Monopoly, and the giant illuminated dice controller. Add credits to play, and spin the giant dice with all your might to see all the familiar Monopoly properties whizz up the screens.


Just like the board game, the iconic properties each have an assigned value, and Mayfair is still worth much more than Old Kent Road, and there’s Community Chest and Chance present too.


Collect properties in the same colour family and win points, and if you’re very lucky you can win a coveted Monopoly Bonus for massive points. And what do points mean? Prizes! The more points you win, the more tickets you win, which can be exchanged at the Prize Shop for a dazzling array of gifts, toys, games, and even Love2Shop vouchers.


Everyone loves playing Monopoly Roll-N-Go, maybe because it doesn’t involve the same family arguments caused by the board game, but mostly because it’s so much fun to spin the giant illuminated dice and watch the animations on the screens! Why not give it a spin when you next visit?


Hungry Hungry Hippos


Another classic board game has made its way to the arcade, in the form of those incredibly greedy hippos - Hungry Hungry Hippos!


We all know the board game, where you help your hippo grab as many marbles as you can to be the winner, but in this fantastic arcade experience, the hippos are big enough for even adults to sit on.


Each player takes a seat on their hippo, and using a lever they can manipulate the hippo’s head to eat as many of the balls inside the self-contained dome before the time runs out. Pull the lever to make the hippo’s head open wide and lunge forward to grab the balls, just like the miniature version on the board game.


It’s a brilliantly fun game for between 2 - 4 players, and will appeal to the whole family no matter how old you are, from toddlers to adults, so why not challenge them to a competition, and may the hungriest hippo win!


Fast & Furious Arcade


Can you believe the first Fast & Furious movie came out in 2001? Nearly a quarter of a century later, the movie franchise is still going strong, as Vin Diesel’s Dom and his gang take to the road in more outlandish cars and stunts, tackling street racing, incredible heists, spies, and even dealing with family issues.


The latest Fast & Furious Arcade game is certainly not the first video game based on the movies, but it is certainly one of the best and is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.


Get in one of the two driving seats, race along thrilling and wild tracks and compete against your family and friends. Featuring two massive 4K video screens, a comfy LED-illuminated cockpit, and ear-splitting surround sound, the amazing game also features THRILL-D motion making you feel you’re behind the wheel of one of the many sports and muscle cars from the film, in a range of exotic locations.


There are six incredible tracks to race, secret missions to unlock, as well as ten-digit codes to use to save and continue up to eight games at a later date. Look out for shortcuts on the tracks, practice your drifting skills, and make sure you get to race in each of the eight supercars. Don’t forget to save your stats at the end using the on-screen QR code.


Demolition King


Have you ever wanted to be at the controls of a wrecking ball and demolish buildings? Well now’s your chance with this tactile and fun video game, and you can win tickets to exchange for goodies at the Prize Shop!


Do you have the skills to do what it takes to become the Demolition King? This amazing and fun ticket game will see you swinging a wrecking ball at the video screen to knock down tall buildings. Aim for the pick-ups such as tickets, fuel tanks, and explosives to gain extra points, but mind you don’t hit any of the workers, you could lose points. Keep an eye out for the elusive golden ticket and hit it to win the bonus.


The large video screen shows a building scrolling up and down giving you plenty of opportunity to demolish the building and pick up any points you might have missed, and the charming graphics and animations, as well as the easy-to-master gameplay, will have you hooked.


You can play by yourself, or challenge a friend to see who can cause the most chaos and destroy the most buildings, as well as remembering to grab your winning tickets.


Fun For The Whole Family


There’s an arcade packed with games at Coral Island, from the latest games listed above to all your favourites and classic seaside amusements, so you’re always sure you can find fun for the whole family, from small children to adults.


Don’t forget, after a day of racing, riding, spinning, and wrecking, there are family-friendly restaurants right here in Coral Island, from seaside favourites such as fish and chips to wholesome pub lunches to breakfasts and snacks. Also, there’s the incredible three-meat carvery every Sunday at The Buccaneer Family Bar & Restaurant, served with fresh seasonal vegetables.


And Kids Eat Free at Coral Island all day, every day! Any child under 10 years old can receive a free kids’ meal with each paid adult meal, giving you even more value for money.


So why not plan your next adventure at Coral Island, and come and explore our latest games?


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