Posted on: Wednesday 1st November 2023

Here’s A Guide On How To Use Them!



Have You Seen The New Coral Island Play Cards?


Here’s A Guide On How To Use Them!


If you’ve visited Coral Island recently, you might have seen the ‘Tap To Play’ feature on many of our arcade games, as well as some new consoles dotted around the arcade, which are for our brand new Coral Island Play Cards! If you don’t want to be carrying a pot full of pound coins around all day, you can now go contactless on most of our amazing games!


It makes playing the games in the arcade even more fun and easier to use, so let’s have a look at how to get a Coral Island Play Card and how to put credit on it!


How to get a Coral Island Play Card


Around the arcade, you’ll see banks of shiny new white consoles, and this is where to go to get a Play Card.


To begin, tap the ‘Start Here’ button on the screen, and then select ‘Purchase New Cards’ from the menu. You can then choose how much credit to put on your card, from £5 to £50.


Once you’ve selected how much credit you want, then use your Debit Card to pay for the card, and it will pop out from the slot at the bottom of the console!


All you need to do then is tap your Play Card on the ‘Tap To Play’ button on your favourite games, and away you go!


How to add credit to your card


Once you have got your first Coral Island Play Card, you may want to add more credit to it, and it’s a quick and simple process. Find one of the consoles from which you first purchased your Play Card, and tap ‘Start Here’ again on the screen.


Now tap ‘Reload Your Card’ from the menu, select how much credit you want to add, use your Debit Card to pay for the credit, and then tap your Play Card against the NFC sticker to reload your card, and you’re ready to play!


Ticket Games


Your Coral Island Play Card will also store all the tickets you win on the ticket games in the arcade. These can be redeemed at the Prize Shop, where paper tickets can also be added to your ticket balance.


Tap. Play. Fun. Repeat!


It’s as simple as that to get a Coral Island Play Card, and make your day out at Coral Island even easier! You can also use the consoles to check your Play Card balance and change your details.


If you’re having any difficulty, then you can always ask a member of the Coral Island Crew, who will be happy to help!


Of course, you can still use good old-fashioned physical money to play your favourite games - all our games still take pound coins, and of course, the penny pushers still need a pot full of twopenny pieces for traditional seaside fun!


Play Card FAQs


We know some people have had questions, so we wanted to answer as many as we can here!


Q: Will Play Cards be replacing cash?


A: Not at all! You can still use cash on all our machines as always, from the latest video games to the penny pushers. The Play Cards are an alternative way to play for those who don’t want to carry round pots of pound coins, but be assured that Coral Island will always accept cash too!


Q: What if I don’t use up all my credit?


A: You can use your Play Card again on any future visit to Coral Island if it still has any credit left on it, and you can top it up to add more credit too.


Q: Will my credit and/or tickets expire if I don’t use them all up?


A: No, there are no expiration dates for your credit or tickets, and they’ll still be on your card the next time you use it.


Q: I used my Play Card on a ticket game, but it didn’t print out any tickets.


A: If you use your Play Card on our ticket games, any winning tickets are stored on your Play Card, and can be spent at the Prize Shop in just the same way. If you play with cash, then you’ll get paper tickets as normal, which can then be added to your Play Card tickets at the Prize Shop. This means it’s easier to keep all your tickets safe and in one place during your visit to Blackpool!


Q: Can I keep my Play Card?


A: Play Cards that have used up their credit and tickets will be kept and recycled by Coral Island’s Prize Shop. If you have a card that still has tickets and/or credit, then you can keep hold of it until your next visit!


Q: Why should I use a Coral Island Play Card?


A: We introduced the Play Cards as a convenient way to play our games and keep track of your tickets, especially for those who have their hands full already without wanting to carry pots of loose change! We currently have an incentive to get and use a Play Card - for every £30 of credit you top up, you’ll receive £5 absolutely free!


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