Posted on: Monday 7th September 2020

Recent VISIT by L Martin from Cumbria


We asked our visitors what it had been like to visit Blackpool since the lockdown


L Martin - Cumbria:

"We had recently taken a trip to Blackpool for our daughter's birthday. We all have been a little apprehensive with the current situation with Covid, but due we were due a mini break away and what better excuse to use than your child's birthday. We stayed at The Carlton Hotel which is a family run business and we will be staying there again, such a warm and friendly couple who have it and the hotel itself was so clean, hand sanitisers around the hotel and the went above and beyond, even putting banners and balloons on our room for the birthday girl. Now if you go to Blackpool it is illegal if you don't go to coral island and the first place we went was there. There was a little bit of a queue to get in but it was to be expected. I did the NHS text and trace whilst we waited, quick temperature check, hands sanitised and face mask on we were allowed to enter. Flashing lights everywhere!!! Everyone who worked there had face coverings on, hand sanitiser stations were dotted around all over and people were sticking to the 1m rule. Its so nice to see businesses up and running again no matter how big or small. We had food at The Buccaneer Bar, again a very small wait but food was amazing and very reasonable priced, especially with the kids eat free deal. Haven't got a bad word to say about Blackpool its exactly how I remember it as a child and my little girl loves it too. We even managed to bump into Captain Jack Sparrow outside Coral Island, which my little girl loved. I will be booking to come back to Blackpool, can't beat it, friendly people and such a happy place"

 Jacks Reply

Y'aaaar. Sounds like yee had a great time! We hadn't heard about visits to Coral Island Blackpool becoming law but it gave m' hearties a giggle. Always a pleasure having my handsome face captured on parchment.

 L Martin from Cumbria visit September 2020

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