Posted on: Monday 11th July 2022

How to keep your family safe in the sun...

Summer is finally here, and we’re all ready to go and have some fun in the sun! Whether you’re planning a family trip to Blackpool, a day out with a bunch of friends, or a romantic getaway during the hot weather, there’s plenty to keep you occupied in the famous Lancashire seaside resort.


But there are also dangers in the sun, and it’s essential to take precautions to keep you and your family safe as temperatures climb and the sun beats down on the beach. We have a look at some great ideas for enjoying Blackpool’s famous beach this summer and some handy tips to help prevent sunburn and sunstroke and ensure that everyone is safe and happy.


Blackpool has always been a family-friendly resort, with plenty to keep family members of all ages entertained, from watching the little ones build sandcastles on the golden sands, to the Pleasure Beach for older kids seeking adrenaline-fueled thrills, and afternoon tea and dancing in the Tower Ballroom for older relatives.


However, the sunny weather means it’s the best time to take the family to the beach, so get everyone ready for fun and games, sandcastle building, and sunbathing. But what do you pack to take with you to the beach?


If you’re driving to Blackpool, then you might want to get an early start to beat the rush, and parking as close to the beach as possible will be handy to avoid long walks. Bonny Street Pay & Display car park is right next to Coral Island, and just across the road from the beach.


It also means to can leave extra snacks and drinks in the car, as well as a change of clothes, and not have far to go after a tiring few hours on the beach. Coral Island also has free toilets, so you can make sure everyone has paid a visit to the loo before a drive home!


A good beach bag is essential, as you don’t want to get sand in your favourite handbag or holdall. You will want to pack it with beach towels for everyone, as you certainly don’t want to be using your best bath towels from home!


You need to pack sunscreen, whether it’s brilliantly sunny or overcast. Use sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 50 to protect your family’s skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays and reapply it at least every two hours. If you or your children are going to play in the sea, check that your sunscreen is waterproof, and reapply it more often. And don’t forget the aftersun for rehydrating your skin after a day in the sun!


A cool box is a great idea if you’re planning on having a picnic at the beach, or simply want to take some cold drinks along with you. A good size cool box will keep your snacks and drinks cold for up to eight hours.


Keep in mind that it can get a little breezy on the beach, and you don’t want sand in your ice cream, so a windbreaker is another beach essential to take along with you. It can also give you a little bit of privacy on busy days.


If you don’t already have a collection of beach toys, buckets, and spades, then you can either plan and order them online before your visit, or you’ll find that every shop on the seafront will have a wide variety of toys for the kids to take to the beach. What’s a visit to the beach without building a sandcastle?


There are certain precautions you need to take while out in the sun, whether you’re at the beach or in a beer garden. Firstly, as mentioned above, keep slathering on the sunscreen, especially with younger family members. Ensure that everyone drinks plenty of fluids to keep hydrated, and while a cold beer or a cider at the beach sounds perfect, avoid drinking too much alcohol.


Make sure you dress appropriately for the weather in light clothing, and a wide-brimmed hat is a good idea to keep the sun at bay. It is also a good idea to make sure your children are dressed in brightly coloured swimsuits and clothing so you can be sure to easily spot them on a crowded beach. Make sure that children are always supervised if they’re playing in or near the sea


It would be wise to choose what time of day to visit the beach - go early or go late. Midday to 3 pm is the hottest part of the day, and the busiest on most beaches, and the time when kids will be at their grouchiest, the grownups will be getting sunburnt, and everyone is getting too hot and bothered.


Why not plan an early start at the beach, then, if you didn’t want the double of packing a picnic, go and put your sandy towels and beach toys back in the car, and seek the shade of Blackpool’s favourite arcade, Coral Island. As well as traditional seaside arcade games and amusements, there are numerous family-friendly restaurants, some with Kids Eat Free promotions.


The whole family will love The Buccaneer bar and restaurant, set within Captain Jack’s library onboard his pirate galleon, where he hoards all his pirate booty collected from all around the world. You’re sure to spot something new hidden in the walls, the rafters or the floorboards, every time you visit!


For many people, no trip to the seaside is complete without fish and chips, with plenty of salt and vinegar, and you can find an award-winning chippy right here in Coral Island, whether you want to dine in or takeaway.


Coral Island is Blackpool’s largest free admission attraction, so escape the heat of the midday sun and explore the amusements, take a trip on the Pirate Flyer monorail high above the arcade, or have a scary adventure on the Ghost Train!


Try out our traditional seaside penny pusher arcade games or the Camel Derby, or the futuristic virtual reality roller coasters. Play bingo or try and win as many tickets as you can to exchange for prizes in our Prize Shop.


If the kids haven’t had enough of splashing around, but you want to keep them out of the sun during the early afternoon, why not take a trip to Sandcastle Waterpark, the UK’s largest indoor waterpark, with 18 slides and attractions, and the Master Blaster, the world’s longest indoor waterslide rollercoaster.


Parents can relax in the Caribbean Storm Treehouse or enjoy family fun in the Typhoon Lagoon wave pool, while the kids can run off that excess energy. You’ll find Sandcastle Waterpark on the seafront opposite Blackpool Pleasure Beach.


With schools due to break up for the summer, it’s time to start planning those family days out in the sun, and we can’t think of anywhere better to go for a day out or a family holiday than Blackpool! Come and visit Blackpool and enjoy a warm welcome and attractions and shows to keep everyone happy and smiling this summer!

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