Posted on: Friday 26th January 2024

Nominate Coral Island Blackpool for Coastal Radio’s Local Business Kids choice Awards here: Local Business Awards - Coastal Radio DAB 


If you live on the Fylde Coast, you might regularly tune in to the local DAB radio station Coastal Radio, of which Coral Island has been a sponsor. There’s music, chat and all the latest local news 24 hours a day, and now Coastal Radio is bringing Blackpool's very first Local Business Awards (LBAs) in 2024.


There’s a whole array of different awards, from small to medium to large businesses, health and beauty, hospitality, events, professional services and more, and Coral Island is looking for your votes in the Kids Choice Awards. 


Why vote for Coral Island?


For over 40 years, Coral Island has been at the heart of Blackpool, with its grinning pirate skull facade looking out over the Promenade, a short walk from the iconic Blackpool Tower - in fact, many people would think of Coral Island as iconic as the famous tower!


Generations of families have walked through our doors over the years, with many of those who first had adventures in the arcade as children now bringing their own kids or even grandchildren to enjoy the fun, games, and entertainment at Coral Island.


Games for the whole family


Whether you want traditional seaside amusements, more ticket games than you can count, or the latest video and VR arcade games, Coral Island has it all.


There’s the old-fashioned penny pushers, where you try to slide your twopenny pieces onto the moving platforms to cause an avalanche of coins, keyrings, and more. Every year, thousands of Coral Island keyrings are won on our penny pushers and find new homes!


What about the crane grabbers? We’ve got them all at Coral Island, and they’re all chock full of soft toys, plushies, mini footballs, the latest Disney and Star Wars characters, video game toys, and more! All you need is the skills to grab one and claim it for yourself.


If you want to win more than keyrings and soft toys, then the ticket machines are for you. Play and win to collect tickets and the more you win, the bigger and better the treasure you can claim from the biggest and best Prize Shop in Blackpool. There are games, toys, Bluetooth speakers, even TVs, tablets and game consoles. Or perhaps you want to exchange your tickets for Love2Shop vouchers so you can go on a shopping spree?


There are so many ticket games at Coral Island, and you can shoot hoops and knock down clowns, or spin the giant dice on Monopoly Roll’n’Go to land on properties and win tickets. You can catch balls, swing wrecking balls to knock down buildings on Demolition King, or shoot super-soaker cannons at zombies and dinosaurs to stop an attack and win tickets.


If your idea of fun is the latest video games, then try our new Fast & Furious game, where you can race against your friends, with its huge 4K video screens, comfy LED-illuminated cockpit, ear-splitting surround sound, and THRILL-D motion making you feel you’re behind the wheel of one of the many sports and muscle cars from the film franchise.


There’s also Mario Cart, Daytona, MotoGP and more for those who love to race.


For the smaller children, there are many sit-on rides and games, such as the Hungry Hungry Hippos - just like the classic board game, where you try to gobble as many balls as you can to win the game, except, in this version, you sit on the hippos!


Coral Island Play Cards


For many people, there’s something exciting about walking around the arcade with a pot full of pound coins or twopenny pieces, as you try to decide which of the many games you want to play first.


In 2023, we introduced the Coral Island Play Cards, where you can obtain a special card, load it with credit and use state-of-the-art contactless technology to play nearly all of your favourite games. Play Cards will even keep track of how many tickets you’ve won too!


However, you can always use good old-fashioned cash and pretend you’re a pirate with a pot full of doubloons.


Rides and thrills


Whatever the weather, you can come to Coral Island and take a trip on one of our thrilling rides, whether you want to avoid the rain or the scorching sun.


Take a trip to Davy Jones’ Locker on the Coral Island Ghost Train, as you descend to the depths of the ocean to explore the haunted wrecked remains of the Coral Crusader Galleon, as you try to find the King’s stolen rubies. But be warned, Captain Coral and his ghostly crew will be ready to protect their pirate booty!


High above the crowds of Coral Island, you can see the Pirate Flyer monorail, then weaves in and out of the arcade. Take a ride in your mini pirate galleon, and ready your blunderbuss to hit as many of the targets as you see them.


The Camel Derby has long been a popular attraction at Coral Island. Take a seat at the side of the racecourse, get yourself ready for the start, and then roll your balls into the holes to spur on your camel towards the finish line. The first past the post wins, and there’s a prize every time. Why not get your friends and family together and get ready to race?


Tasty and tempting food


Whether you want to start your day out with a hearty breakfast, take a break from the arcade for lunch, or end your day with a family meal, you’ll be spoilt for choice at Coral Island.


A trip to the seaside often means fish and chips, and we’ve got you covered at Coral Island. From the Prom Chippy to grab a bite to eat as you go, or a sit-down meal at The Big Fish Trading Co or the Traditional Chippy, you’ll find award-winning fish being served as well as all your chip shop favourites.


The Buccaneer Family Bar & Restaurant is decked out like the Captain’s library on board his pirate galleon, and the kids love finding all the hidden treasures buried beneath the floorboards as the spooky pirate portraits look on from the walls. There’s all the traditional pub grub at the Buccaneer, kids’ meals, and family favourites. Don’t forget the three-meat carvery every Sunday.


Also, Kids Eat Free at Coral Island’s participating restaurants - children under 10 can receive a free kids’ meal with each paid adult meal, making a day out at Coral Island the perfect day out for families on a budget.


Coming to Coral Island in February 2024 is our brand new dining concept and experience - Coral Harbour Kitchen & Bar, with dishes from all around the world, tempting desserts, and a licensed bar - keep a look out from the crow’s nest for more information soon.


A grand day out!


You can’t beat a family day out at Coral Island, and there’s fun for the whole family, games for all ages, and budget-beating food to keep everyone fed and happy! And in 2024, we’re going to be bigger and better than ever.


So why not vote for Coral Island in the Kids Choice category in Coastal Radio’s Local Business awards to show how much you have loved spending time in the most piratical amusement arcade in Blackpool?


Voting closes on 4 February, and you can cast your vote and find more information here: Coastal Radio DAB LBAs.






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